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HV Battery Systems (HV&NV), Inverters, Power Boxes, Power Distributors, HV & NV wiring, harnesses, E-Axle Drive Components,

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Process optimization

HV Battery Systems (HV&NV), Inverters, Power Boxes, Power Distributors, HV & NV wiring harnesses, E-Axle Drive Components, E-Engines & Transmissions

Task Force

Process optimizations E-Mobility, Interims & Crisis Project Management, Fast Turnarounds, Reorganizations
(Maturity, Costs, Quality, Processes)

Global Congestion Management

Semiconductor Products


a.) E&E => Inverters, Powerboxes, LV & HV Wiring Harnesses, Control Units, E-Engines, E-Transmissions, HV/LV Battery Systems, E-Axis, eAWS) b.) Powertrain, c.) Exterior, d.) Interior, e.) Decorative Parts, f.) Composite Parts

Technology Specialist

Primary Forming, Forming, Cutting, Welding, Joining, Coating Technologies, Composites Processes and E & E - Technologies

Material Specialist

Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Glass, Composites (Carbon-SMC, Carbon, SMC, CFK), Compounds (PTFE), E&E

SWOT Analyses

Rapid plant asessments, Process Audits VDA 6.3 (V-2016), IATF 16949 1st / 2nd Party Auditor

Genba Specialist

for synchronous production systems SPS/TPS (Hitoshi Takeda) - Main focus Toyota

Make or Buy

Global Supplier Development Programs,Product & Process Development New Technologies (e.g.: PTFE)

Start-Up Management

Start-Ups & Ramp-Ups
Supplier Quality Improvement Programs (SQIP)

Insolvency Project & Relocation

CKD Plants Process

Audits & CIP (KVP), Structural and Process Organizations, Product & Process FMEAs, PA & VA

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Sandra Jones
Project Manager

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Olivia Taylor
UI/UX Designer

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Grace Brown
Head of Design

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Noah Young
Front-end Developer

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Arthur Parker
Back-end Developer

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Aria Bailey

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Task Force

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Task Force

فرقة العمل | شركة BW | أودي عربي AR

محول PPE-AUDI PWR لمجموعة فولكس فاجن

إدارة المورِّدين | شركة سمارت الألمانية ذات المسؤولية المحدودة (Smart GmbH) AR

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