Programme 300+ | Princess Yachts EN

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Herrmann
February 14, 2023
Project Management

Taskforce Management / OEE - Final Assembly Princess Yacht Programme 300+

Bottleneck Parts & Capa Management In-house & Suppliers / SCM & TPM / SQIP

Project description:

Continuous Improvement Processes & Idea Workshops & Lean / 6S / Kaizen

Standardisation, Modularisation, Visual Management Manufacturing Islands

Capacity management with focus on interior, exterior, electrics, radar

Scrap & rework minimisation internal supply chain (furniture, radar, electrical)

Project tasks:

a. machine shop: limitation pre-production, material handling, quality, MA

b. Carpentry shop: pre-production, resources, retooling, drawings, quality, AA

c. Paint shop: pre-production, scrap, rework, material flow, drying booths

d. Personnel: training programmes, reduction of fluctuation, parts logistics, assembly

e. Lean/Kaizen: realisation of factory, layout, material flow and warehouse planning.

Task and duties:

1) Management escalation in the event of impending supply disruptions in the sub-process chains

2) Management-oriented reporting of supply situations (control circuits)

3) Interface topics via development, production, quality, logistics

4) Redesign of components, definition of restrictions in the production programme

5) Capacity management in production & process engineering, logistics, SCM

6) Proactive tracking of suppliers with regard to deadlines, quality, costs, quantities

7) Implementation of PPF procedures, R&R performance tests and process acceptances

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